What to eat after teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a popular and cost-effective way to improve your smile. It can remove stains to reveal a brighter and whiter smile. Teeth whitening has several cosmetic and aesthetic benefits. However, it can also help boost your confidence and self-esteem when it comes to your appearance. Professional teeth whitening is not permanent but it is a long-lasting treatment. It’s necessary to take steps to preserve your results. Below you will find what to eat after teeth whitening.

What to eat after teeth whitening

Shortly after getting your teeth whitened, it’s helpful to avoid certain foods. For the first few days, consider eating what is referred to as the “white diet.” It includes foods and drinks that will not impact your whitening results. The following foods and drinks are part of the diet.

Protein Sources:

Focus on fish, chicken, or tofu for protein post-whitening. Lean, healthy proteins can help you feel full without compromising the color of your teeth. Avoid sauces or spices that have a lot of color. This includes artificial colors and flavoring. White sauces and seasonings are optimal to preserve your results.

Carb Sources:

Rice, bread, and pasta are great sources of carbs after a professional whitening treatment. Going without carbs can make you grumpy, so consider these sources. Avoid any cabs that contain molasses or other food coloring. This can impact the brightness of your teeth whitening results.

Calcium Sources:

White cheeses and yogurt can be helpful if you are trying to get some calcium after your appointment. Avoid artificial cheeses or any with added color or flavor. You should also opt for plain yogurt that does not contain sugar or harmful dyes.

Produce Options:

Produce is filling and healthy. It can also help reduce the risk of stains and discoloration after your teeth whitening treatment. Opt for light-colored fruits and vegetables. Things like pears, bananas, and apples are great fruit options. When it comes to vegetables, consider eating things like cauliflower, potatoes, and mushrooms. Not only are these beneficial for your results, but they are also good for your teeth.


Sticking to water after your whitening treatment is highly beneficial. Not only is it healthy, but you do not run the risk of getting stains. Avoid adding anything to your water, such as flavoring, as it can impact your results.

Additional Considerations After Teeth Whitening

You don’t have to stick to the white diet forever but it’s beneficial to do it for the first few days. In addition to watching what you eat right after treatment, eat teeth-staining foods in moderation. This can ensure your results last. In addition to what you eat, consider the following to avoid stains and discoloration.

  • No Smoking: Smoking and using other tobacco products is harmful to your health and your teeth
  • Oral Care Routine: Maintain a consistent oral care routine, including brushing and flossing
  • Regular Dental Visits: Visit the dentist at least every six months to ensure your oral health is in good shape
  • Use Straws: This can help reduce the impact of discoloration if you drink tea, coffee, or other teeth-staining foods
  • Rinse: After you eat teeth-staining foods, rinse your mouth right after and brush 30 minutes later

Teeth Whitening Treatment

If you are unhappy with the look of your smile, consider teeth whitening. The team at Smile Studio Dentistry is skilled in cosmetic dentistry treatments. They have helped countless patients improve the look of their smile and achieve their aesthetic goals. The first step in moving forward with teeth whitening is scheduling a consultation. Contact the team at Smile Studio Dentistry today to schedule an appointment!