Tooth Extraction

While always a last resort, if a tooth is posing a risk to your overall health, you may need to have it removed. If you have a tooth that has been severely damaged, causes you pain, or cannot be saved using other methods, we can treat this by removing the tooth. We also provide wisdom teeth extractions in Upland for teens and adults who need it, provided by our oral surgeon. We pride ourselves on providing comfortable, gentle, and effective care with a focus on preserving your oral health. Call us today if you are ready to give your smile the attention it deserves, and set up your appointment for expert dental care at Smile Studio. Finding pain-free tooth extraction near you has never been easier.

An Overview Of Tooth Extraction

A tooth extraction is the permanent removal of tooth tissue or tooth roots by a dentist or oral surgeon. This is typically due to severe tooth decay, overcrowding of the teeth, or if a tooth has been severely damaged and cannot be saved. It can range from simple procedures that take just minutes to more complex ones requiring surgery. After a tooth is removed, a bone graft may be placed in order to preserve the bone and prevents bone recession. This is also ideal for when the tooth will be replaced with a dental implant or a dental bridge. The important thing to remember is that pulling your teeth are done with the patient’s best interests in mind.

What About Wisdom Teeth Removal?

The most common type of tooth extraction is the removal of wisdom teeth, a procedure that many patients may need due to complications with their 3rd molars. If you have wisdom teeth that are impacting your oral health, it may be necessary. Wisdom tooth removal is a common procedure that is done to reduce overcrowding, address decay, and prevent other problems that may arise if left alone.

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What Is The Procedure Like?

At Smile Studio, standard extractions are usually done under local anesthesia to ensure comfort during the procedure. This means that you should not feel any pain during the process. However, for wisdom teeth removal and more involved ones, you may also have the option of sedation for better comfort. The surgery can be quite quick, often lasting only minutes, but this depends on the complexity of the procedure and the state of the tooth.

Once your tooth is removed, we will provide you with instructions on how to properly care for your mouth and minimize discomfort after your tooth extraction. The good news is that the mouth can heal remarkably quickly, so most patients may only need a couple of days off from work or school to focus on healing. Still, some swelling, stiffness, and soreness may continue for a few more days. Also, caring for the extraction site will be important at home to prevent any infection or complications.


Removing a tooth that is severely damaged or crowded can improve overall oral health by reducing pain, infections, and swelling. With our replacement options, extracting a problem tooth may also improve your appearance once it is replaced, while also giving you more teeth to chew and smile with. Removing your wisdom teeth allows for less crowding of other teeth and reduces the risk of cavities and gum disease.

At Smile Studio, our team of friendly and experienced oral surgeons can help walk you through the process of having a tooth removed. We use advanced equipment to ensure that it is done quickly, efficiently, and with as little pain or discomfort as possible. Our goal is for every patient to have a positive outcome that boosts their oral health.

What Are The Signs I Need My Tooth Pulled?

If any of your teeth are causing you pain, swelling, infection, or are severely decayed, pulling your tooth may be necessary. Your teeth are essential to your ability to chew your food effectively, which is why we exhaust all necessary measures to save your teeth and prevent a tooth extraction. However, if after a thorough exam, your tooth cannot be saved, our team will walk you through the steps necessary to have the tooth removed.

Can I Replace an Extracted Tooth?

Wisdom teeth do not need to be replaced, but you may want to explore your options for replacing other teeth that have been removed. The good news is that we have a range of options, including dental implants or bridges, to help get your smile back.
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