Can a Dental Bridge Be Replaced?

Dental bridges are incredibly durable, which means that many patients will never have to replace theirs. However, sometimes, these oral health contraptions degrade to the point that they need to be replaced. But, can a dental bridge be replaced?

Fortunately, this is quite possible to do. This means that even those who have suffered extensive damage to their dental bridges have options in terms of finding options for their replacement.

Can a Dental Bridge Be Replaced?

If you think that your dental bridge needs to be replaced, then take a read over this primer that describes the avenues you might have for achieving this.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges are oral health fixtures that are fixed to one’s teeth in order to replace a missing or broken tooth. It’s comprised of several separate pieces and placed in the space where the original tooth was.

Dental bridges are used in place of full-on dentures. They’re most appropriate for patients who might only have one broken tooth that needs to be replaced rather than several. Dental bridges can be comprised of many different materials, including gold, metal alloys, or porcelain.

People who make good candidates for dental bridges include:

  • Those with one or more permanently missing teeth
  • Individuals who otherwise have good general health
  • Individuals who have otherwise good dental health aside from their missing tooth
  • Those who feel confident that they can take proper care of their new dental bridge

If you’re interested in receiving a dental bridge, you’ll be able to consult with your dentist regarding whether or not this type of oral health procedure is right for your dental health needs during a consultation.

The Dental Bridge Replacement Process

The process for repairing a dental bridge is variable, and much of it depends on the reason that the dental bridge broke in the first place. Fixed bridges are fastened to abutment teeth, so will need to be broken and completely replaced if something goes wrong.

If your abutment teeth are also facing problems, then they might need to be replaced with implant teeth. These implants are fixed surgically into the jawbone.

In some cases, the porcelain coatings on the bridge are fractured, but the bridge itself is intact. In many of these cases, the coating can be replaced quite easily.

Fixing a Loose Dental Bridge

In the case of a loose dental bridge, the bridge can be removed by breaking the cement on the abutment tooth. From there, the offending dental issue is corrected, and the tooth is re-cemented. If the bridge has a fracture or a chip, the bridge is able to be replaced with a new one.

It’s very atypical for a dental bridge to fall out. Although dental bridges can become loose over the course of several months or years, it’s quite simple for a dentist to re-tighten one’s dental bridge. If a bridge becomes too loose, it may qualify as being destroyed and need replacing.

Dental bridges are sturdy and resilient and typically last for about 5-15 years. The durability of a dental bridge oftentimes depends on the dental hygiene of the person it belongs to, as well as some other extenuating circumstances.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Broken Dental Bridge?

There is some variability in the cost of repairing a broken dental bridge as well. Most patients will be looking at prices between $5-1500. However, prices can sometimes reach upwards of $5,000.

Despite the cost, it remains in the patient’s interest to repair their dental bridge as quickly and efficiently as possible. Doing otherwise could result in severe consequences for the patient’s dental health down the line.

Setting Up an Appointment With Your Dentist

You can determine your candidacy for a dental bridge during a consultation with your dentist. During this time, your dentist will observe your problem area, as well as your healthy teeth, in order to make a call determining whether or not you’re first for treatment.

You can help your dentist help you by ensuring that you take proper care of your teeth prior to entering their office. Keeping track of certain elements of your discomfort can also help your dentist more fully understand the nature of your oral health problem.

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