Dental Exam

Treating dental problems can restore your smile, but we prefer to help patients stop any issues before they can even arise. That is the purpose of preventative dentistry. We are proud to provide patients with an oral exam in Upland to catch any dental problems in their early stages. Call us today to give your teeth and smile quality care from a specialist in preventative dentistry at Smile Studio.

What Happens at an Oral Exam and Dental Check Up?

At an oral exam, our experienced dental team will inspect your oral health from every angle. This includes checking for signs of oral cancer and any other diseases. We’ll also check your teeth and gums for decay, cavities, plaque buildup, or gum disease. Our thorough examination is tailored to each patient’s unique needs and symptoms, but they all tend to have several key steps.

  • First, a visual oral examination is conducted to check for any abnormalities.
  • Next, we’ll use digital X-rays and other advanced tools to get a closer look at your oral health. This helps us detect any hidden conditions that are not visible to the naked eye.
  • After studying the results of our exam, we can then discuss any findings with you and build a treatment plan if necessary.
The entire process is performed in a comfortable, friendly setting where we take every measure to provide a stress-free experience.

How Often Should I Have an Oral Exam?

It is recommended to have an oral exam and a professional dental cleaning at least every six months. This helps us keep your health in check so we can catch any potential issues before they become serious problems requiring more involved procedures. Some patients may need more frequent visits for exams, depending on their health needs.

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The Types of Preventative Dentistry We Provide

At Smile Studio, we offer an extensive range of preventative dentistry services. Our oral exam and professional cleanings are our two main options, both designed to keep your health in peak condition. We also provide fluoride treatments as part of our preventive care program to strengthen your teeth against the effects of tooth decay. In addition, we can provide oral cancer screenings if necessary to allow for early detection and more efficient treatment.


The main benefit of regular oral exams is that they can help you maintain healthy oral hygiene. We want to make sure your smile stays beautiful and healthy, which is why we provide comprehensive oral exams to check for any signs of diseases and other issues. By regularly visiting us for exams, we can also provide more efficient treatment and preventive care if necessary. Some of the key benefits may include:

  • Early detection and treatment of tooth decay
  • A comfortable experience in a friendly atmosphere
  • Detect problems before they present symptoms
  • Strengthen your teeth against wear
  • Address any concerns or symptoms you have been experiencing

Signs You Need an Oral Exam

Although it is recommended to get exams routinely, there are some signs that you should seek help from a specialist in preventative dentistry. If you experience any of the following signs of oral issues, we recommend that you contact us at Smile Studio for an oral exam to evaluate your situation:

  • Painful or bleeding gums
  • Gum recession
  • Unexplained bumps in the cavity
  • Bad breath
  • Mouth sores or lesions
By setting up an exam with our dental specialist at the Smile Studio, you can take the first step toward having relief from your symptoms. We provide a wide range of dental treatments under a single roof for comprehensive care that keeps your smile in great shape.

Preventative Dentistry at Home

In addition to regular oral exams and professional cleanings, there are other steps you can take at home for hygiene. Good health habits involve brushing, flossing, and rinsing your mouth on a daily basis. We can also provide oral hygiene advice to help you take the best care of your teeth and gums. By doing your part at home and visiting your dentist regularly, you set yourself up for a lifetime of oral health.

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At Smile Studio, our highest priority is providing quality care that preserves and restores your dental health. Our dentists and trained staff are excited to help you or your children build a lasting foundation for dental health and hygiene. Schedule your appointment for a visit to have a dental exam in Upland so your dentist can catch any issues before they become risks. Our central location is ideal for oral exams near me in Upland. We look forward to doing our part in providing preventative dentistry with lasting benefits at our office at the intersection of N Mountain Ave and W 9th St.