Why Do Dental Fillings Fall Out?

Dental fillings are generally considered to be quite sturdy, but they do fall out from time to time. This can happen for several different reasons. Staying aware of the ways in which this can occur can help you stay on top of attempting to repair this type of damage when it occurs. Below we look at why do dental fillings fall out?

Why Do Dental Fillings Fall Out?

If you’re planning on receiving dental fillings or would like to know more about the types of things that can affect your filling after they’re installed, take a look at this overview of those factors.

What Are Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings are a common dental treatment that utilizes artificial substances to fill holes in the teeth caused by decay. This decay can come from several different sources, but most commonly, it is caused by poor dental hygiene or poor diet.

When a dentist installs a filling, they will first remove the caries of decay from inside the tooth and then subsequently fill the cavity with one of the common filler materials. Some of the common materials used include composite, amalgam, and gold fillings.

Addressing the Root Cause

If a patient is experiencing difficulties with their fillings, then their dentist will investigate the issue in order to determine what exactly is wrong. Part of this process will involve taking an X-ray to determine the exact source of disturbance in relation to the filling.

From there, the dentist will take account of the chief complaints of the patient, which will subsequently hopefully lead them to determine the source of the issue. The dentist may listen to the patient’s complaints and reiterate them to the patient in order to ascertain a stronger understanding of the issue at hand.

There’s Always a Reason

One thing to keep in mind is that fillings won’t simply fall out of one’s mouth independently for no good reason. There’s always an underlying reason that will cause the filling to be forced from its supposed position.

One of the primary causes for this is the development of new cavities underneath the filling. This type of tooth decay can cause the solid foundation that is supporting the filling to erode and decay. This subsequently leaves the filling without something to rest on.

Sometimes, a filling is placed on a section of a tooth that doesn’t have a strong enough foundation in the first place. This means that down the line, some type of rupture is to be expected from fillings that are placed in such tenuous conditions.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a filling will not typically be dislodged by rudimentary and basic dental hygiene activities such as flossing and brushing. If a filling is able to be unhinged by such simplistic levels of force, then it may indicate that the filling was faultily installed in the first place.

Troubles With the Mouth

Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that the mouth is a chaotic and troublesome environment for anything that attempts to achieve stability, including dental fillings.

This is partially due to the necessities of the teeth – these appendages are constantly chewing and mashing materials of various densities. This is all occurring while the environment is constantly washed with saliva.

Sometimes, this expresses itself in strange ways. For example, a filling might fall out at times when you least expect it, like when you’re eating mushy carrots. This is likely due to the accumulated stress over time applied to the filling and the teeth.

Scheduling an Appointment

You’ll schedule an appointment with your dentist to go over all the specifics of receiving treatment if you’re interested in receiving dental fillings or having pre-existing ones examined by an expert.

Whether you’re a young adult, an elderly person, or anywhere in the middle of your life path, the procedure will probably look the same for you. The primary objective is to enhance your overall well-being and dental appearance.

Your dentist will examine and appraise every aspect of your teeth during your visit to determine the precise type of care that will be most beneficial for you. From there, a strategy for completing the work can be put together by you and your doctor.

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