When Does Bleeding Stop After Tooth Extraction

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Tooth extraction is a surgical procedure of completely removing the tooth from its socket. It may be necessary for several different reasons. If a patient has experienced pain in a damaged or decayed tooth for a long time, taking the tooth out can provide a great relief. Typically, tooth extraction is considered to be a … Read more

Root Canal Recovery Guide: Dos and Don’ts

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Almost any invasive medical procedure requires some time for recovery. On top of that, you might need to apply some special care for the fastest and most effective recovery after the procedure. Root canal treatment is not an exception. Here is a root canal recovery guide with the most important dos and don’ts. What Is … Read more

Why Do Dental Fillings Fall Out?

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Dental fillings are generally considered to be quite sturdy, but they do fall out from time to time. This can happen for several different reasons. Staying aware of the ways in which this can occur can help you stay on top of attempting to repair this type of damage when it occurs. Below we look … Read more